David Richter is a self-taught landscape photographer based in Dresden, Germany. He graduated with a B.A. in International Business from EMS Leipzig/CBS Cologne in 2011.

Growing up in a remote area in Germany's Ore Mountains and in proximity to endless forests and wide mountain ranges David's focus has always been nature, whether it's snowy mountains and deep forests with small creeks flowing over moss-covered rocks; or the for the area so untypical sandy beaches and rugged shorelines.

Ever since, he has been interested in nature and photography but it was not until 2008 when he picked up his first DSLR to capture the beauty that surrounds each and everyone of us.

David's style is unmistakable, true and bold. Most pictures in the gallery are single exposures using the RAW file format, graduated and solid neutral density filters and circular polarizers to capture the natural light in its purest form. However, for cityscapes or difficult lighting conditions he may use blending of different layers to ensure an emotion-evoking viewing pleasure.


Printing on archival quality paper with ratings of 100+ years, image licensing for print and web, stock imaging, photo retouching services. David is also up for hire. If you are an architect, landscape or interior designer and want your work look its best or if you have any other requests, do not hesitate to contact him. In addition, David might offer workshops and photo tours in the future. Please refer to the blog for updates on these.