The Storm Machine
Matterhorn, Alps, Switzerland
This is a 16-shot, exposure and focal panoramic blend; looking across the Zmutt valley and glacier towards the north face of the famous Matterhorn, from the bottom of Arbenbach Falls. The Matterhorn is prone to clouds due to its exposed location, so there are only a couple of days in the year, where no banner clouds form over the course of the day. These banner clouds are caused by air flowing around the mountain, thus creating vortices, conducting condensation on the lee side; usually the eastern face. Being the sixth highest peak of Alps with 4,478 meters (14,690 ft) and the isolated pyramidal shape allow the Matterhorn to create its own weather systems. So it can be clear a couple miles to any direction while rain and hail is constantly pounding the Matterhorn and surrounding areas, including me. Especially on this very day. Very shortly after shooting this series of images, I literally raced back down the trails to escape the lightning and pounding rain. Despite some of the best rain gear available, it kept coming down so hard, when I reached my tent, I was drenched.

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