shockingly good design

Apple iPhone/iPod Slider Abuse!

Here's just a little demo for you guys to see what I've been up to as of late. I am working on some UI design tweaks for my website and experimented with CSS3 to get a fresh and dynamic look to the site. Yeah, I know, as if it's not Price of Bel-Air FRESH already... Tzzz.

Everybody loves the design and user experience of Cupertino's Health Factory. (Apple that is -- for those who couldn't figure it out). Okay, some hard-core Windoze and LiSuX users might disagree here but I for my part really appreciate the love and hand-crafted design that's coming from the Mac community. Just have a look at Panic to catch the drift.

DISCLAIMER: The slider is highly addictive, so watch your spare time!

To cut a long story short, please let me know how you like the new submit button by filling out the fields below. I'd really appreciate some feeback!

Thanks in advance!

Make sure to use the latest Safari, Chrome or FF3.6+ and have JS enabled!